15 October 2010

Cosplay Snapshot Project

YAY! 5 of my photos were included in the Cosplay Snapshot Project volume 1. I bought 2 copies and got 1 for free.. ^^
Congratz to Kira and Shoti! and to the other winners :) Me, Raisa and Giann Potente were also included at the top 20. I'm really happy to see my photos ^^

Special thanks to my cosplay friends specially to those who where included in the photos i submitted.
Yuu Shomura, Alex Keuls, Jen Ching, Denz, Nikki Gevana, Reuelle, Art AriolaAnne Riel Athienza, Gelaii, Ayi Cuenca 

    Alodia, Jin Joson and the reast of Tuxedo Team photos were also included in the photo book.

    Also saw phtos of Maddie, Katz, Roan, Ian, Sese, Eji, Cless, Kyn, Marko, Lyron, Dwayne, Emily, Kune, Ami,and  Zhel.

    Saw photos from Hexlord too :)

    You can buy your own copy probably on next events. Check out cosplay.ph for more info.

    Have a nice weekend everyone ^^

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