29 September 2010

Cosplay Feature part 2

Cosplay Feature Part 1 here

DeviantArt is full of talented people.
I'll be featuring some awesome cosplay photos here, enjoy ^^

Disclaimer: Photos are not mine.. I just featured them ^^

Otaku Expo Reload on OCT 8-10, 2010

27 September 2010


Hobcon 2010: Imperia PV
10/10/10- Ayala Center Cebu

More details here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/CANE-Events/142927912395249

26 September 2010

Events! Contests! Plug!

Recent Events:
Midori Sekai (photos to follow ^^)
Best of Anime photos

Upcoming Events:
Cosplay Mania X - October 2-3 / SMX
Mindanao Cosplay Summit 2010 : October 29-30 / Davao
Anime Festival Asia 2010 : November 13-14 / Suntec Convention Center, Singapore


Cosplay Mania X Phone Giveaway 
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 Animax : Hong Kong Halloween Treats

Cosplay Snapshot Project

A sneak peek of Cosplay Snapshot Project has been posted recently and I was very happy to saw familiar photos. Can't wait to see the whole photo book ^^

Source: http://cosplay.ph/microsites/cosmania/wp/2010/09/25/sneak-peek-into-cosplay-snapshot-project/

Shameless Plug:



03 September 2010

Black Rock Shooter with Black Gold Saw

Black Rock Shooter Cosplay by Gelaii

Naruto: Lord Jiraiya Cosplay

Naruto: Sannins Cosplay

Naruto: Sannins Cosplay (Markee as Orochimaru, Chai as Tsunade, Eji as Jiraiya

Final Fantasy X-2: Escape

Code Geass: Emperor Lulu Cosplay

Skip Beat: Mogami Kyoko Cosplay by Kaika

Bakemonogatari Cosplay