20 November 2010

AFA X Day 2 photos

Day 2 group pic! Sese, Yuu, Aruki, Romeo, Nikki and Zhel

BRS items.. waaant!!

Yuu as Skuld! :3

Saw ozine people near the canon booth ^^

very nice DGM Allen Walker cosplay


SG comics

more cute items.. i bought a snow miku card sticker.. bought a brs card sticker last year hehe

aaaaaaaaa WANT!


andre and aruki with their vocaloid matryoshka cosplay

Gakupo Setsugetsuka version

Len Setsugetsuka version

romeo as taito

jesuke and kyubei as gintoki and katsura from gintama 

Zhel as Madam Red

Nikki as Lily from Vocaloid

another group pic 

Sailor moon group

Yang!!! so epic!

Suzaku (the alto cosplayer from day 1)

Romeo doing Reiko's pose from last year's AFA LOL

take that taito

group pic with the magnet cosplayers from day 1

we also saw shiroin  who was staying in the same hostel . I'm a big fan of his photography ^^

Envy as Alice.. she's so friendly

BRS and DM Cosplayers

Ahhhh finally saw Kaika!! was looking for her all day lol.. congratz again kaika ^^

Crowd pic from the escalator

Kynkyn as Kid from Chrono Cross

Ototsuki with her cute stocking cosplay!

Photo with shiroang! Love his works.. photo by Yuu

group photo!

Photo with cvy yay!!! was looking for her all day long.. but was too shy to talk about more things :<
We also met kanasaii, lenneth, rox-windy and more..

Gintamaaaa! with viospace and stareipolaris! They were so friendly ^^

More photos from AFA X day 2:
Kindly pm or email me if you want raw photos.











































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