28 June 2010

Rock Lee and Sir Gai: Reunited

Epic! Hahahaha can't stop laughing after seeing this..
Art as Rock Lee
Macky as Sir Gai
Photo by Giann Potente

27 June 2010

Batch Processing Tutorial

First, you need to create a photoshop action.

How to create Photoshop Actions?
Go to:
Window > Actions
The Action Box should appear on the right.
Now open a photo so we could record an action that we'll apply to a batch of photos later (this can help you save lots of time).
I usually do this after conventions. Because I'm too lazy to edit each one of them

InuYasha The Final Act

InuYasha & InuYasha The Final Act premieres 22 June, airing weekdays 7.30pm first & exclusively on Animax
Animax is the only TV network across Asia to broadcast the complete InuYasha series with InuYasha to be followed by InuYasha – The Final Act.

Cosplay Photography Interview

21 June 2010

Toycon 2010 cosplay photos

DAY 1 Photos!

Toycon 2010
Megatrade Hall 2-3
June 19, 2010

visit http://toyconph.com for more info

 Nikon D40 + 35mm
Resize, Watermark, Upload


Toycon 2010: Cosplay Click winners

YAAAAAY!!!  Hans, Alfred and me (z3LL) won the Cosplay Click Photo contest!

First Place: Hans Bernardo
Cosplayer: Katz del Rosario

Photo taken last Feb 21, 2010
Ragnarok Online Photoshoot
Ninoy Aquino's Park and Wildlife, QC

Katz's compiled photos here
Photos by z3LL
Photos by Hans

Second Place: Jonathan de Belen
(me, just incase you still don't know my real name lol)

Dynamic Training

Art Arriola
Macky Martinez

Photo taken last Minami Con
La Mesa Eco Park, QC

Full album here

3rd Place: Alfred Jorrel Bayle

Vocaloid Mafia

=suigeneres as Miku
~jaRoukaSama as Luka
~kenken-abu as Len
~kinoshi14 as Rin
~ianneDREAMER as Meiko
~roan-airei as Kaito
~Aeade as Gakupo
~wildquaker as Kiyoteru
~lazyeight as Dell
~darkoracle21 as Haku
~VinceviL as Akaito

16 June 2010

Chibi shot tutorial

 Sample Chibi shots below:

You'll be needing the following:
  1. A camera with a Kit lens or any wider lens (18mm or wider).
  2. Anything you can step on (rock, table, chairs, etc), unless you're really tall.
  3. A model of course 8D
Step 1:
Adjust your focal length to its widest mode (18mm for my kit lens).

Step 2:
Make yourself higher than the model (step on a chair, etc). Refer to the 2nd photo

Step 3:
Adjust your framing, chibi shots looks better when closer (bigger heads), include the feet to make it look cuter. Of course you can experiment and adjust to what you think looks better.

15 June 2010

Sesecon / Vocaloid Mafia shoot

photo by shimekops

Cosplayers :
  • Miku - Sese
  • Luka - Yuu
  • Len - Ahbu
  • Rin - Maddie
  • Meiko - Arianne
  • Kaito - Roan
  • Gakupo - Andre
  • Kiyoteru - Romeo
  • Dell - Ian
  • Haku - Thea
  • Akaito - Vince
Photogs :
  • Giann
  • Alfred
  • z3LL
  • Kia
  • Rajan
  • Raisa
Special thanks to Katz, Art (bot nyahahha!), Matthew!



Group shots 8D

11 June 2010

Panorama Tutorial

I learned this one from Master Rap

Taking the shot:
  • Take 2 or more shots
  • You can use a tripod (recommended but not required)
  • Make sure your shots have the same focus and exposure so you can stitch them all together perfectly.
  • Tip: you can switch your lens to manual mode after the first shot, to avoid changing focus length.

Esplanade, Singapore Flyer and the Marina Bay Reservoir

Use Adobe Photoshop (i'm not familiar with other versions.. this one's for CS3 and CS4)
  1. File
  2. Automate
  3. Photomerge
  4. Cylindrical

Note: make sure the filenames are in order, too (from left to right) otherwise you can't stitch them (or atleast at CS3, CS4).

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Chibi Shot Tutotial

10 June 2010

AFA 2009 slideshow

BTW does anyone know when's the exact date for AFA 2010? Any infos?

More photos at my multiply


O HAI! Welcome to my new bloggy hehehe. Please bear with my current template. I will update this with a better one soon XD

My DA subbie has just expired that's why I'm blogging here.

I made a new one so I can share my photos better and share some tips too ^^ I also want to feature awesome photos from other people!

Toycon is near.. hope to see you guys there! I'm excited to see my friendsssssssss, it's been a while! Hope to meet online buddies from Davao, Bacolod and Cebu.

I also might join the Toy and Cosplay photography contest! Must save some money to buy new toys *drools*. I also want a new PSP T____T

Shoots this weekend:
  • Vocaloid
  • Macross Frontier
I would also like to thank the people who featured us! Thank you so much for the continuous support =)

Ok I'll leave you with some photos to kill your boredom... hope this helps, enjoy!!