21 June 2010

Toycon 2010: Cosplay Click winners

YAAAAAY!!!  Hans, Alfred and me (z3LL) won the Cosplay Click Photo contest!

First Place: Hans Bernardo
Cosplayer: Katz del Rosario

Photo taken last Feb 21, 2010
Ragnarok Online Photoshoot
Ninoy Aquino's Park and Wildlife, QC

Katz's compiled photos here
Photos by z3LL
Photos by Hans

Second Place: Jonathan de Belen
(me, just incase you still don't know my real name lol)

Dynamic Training

Art Arriola
Macky Martinez

Photo taken last Minami Con
La Mesa Eco Park, QC

Full album here

3rd Place: Alfred Jorrel Bayle

Vocaloid Mafia

=suigeneres as Miku
~jaRoukaSama as Luka
~kenken-abu as Len
~kinoshi14 as Rin
~ianneDREAMER as Meiko
~roan-airei as Kaito
~Aeade as Gakupo
~wildquaker as Kiyoteru
~lazyeight as Dell
~darkoracle21 as Haku
~VinceviL as Akaito