09 October 2011

Cosplay Cure Cards Collection

Here are the some cure cards I got from different events. Most of these cosplay cure cards and name cards were from AFA 2010 and Cosplaymania 2011.

What are these cure cards?
Cure cards are the cosplayers' equivalent of a business card.

What is the standard size of a cure card?
2 x 3.5 inches with 300 dpi

Do you have one? Let's trade!!


  1. I got yours na! :)
    I have a few of them na hehe.
    Hmmm ... ako na lang yata ang walang ginagawang ganyan ah? Hahah. :p

  2. chaiiii gawa ka na din ^^ tpos penge haha XD

  3. ohai thar, you got Brief pala nyahaha! X3

  4. haha yes got your brief katz hahaha =))