31 October 2010

KUKOMAN: Be a Kukopal now!

Kukoman is fictional character based on a true story.
He is the result of the combined creativity and imagination of the
members of the Goodstuff Animation during their deep meditation
on a secluded mountain.

Kukoman has no special power but he vows to destroy all the monsters in the planet and perhaps save the day along the way.

Be a kukopal now by joining their fanpage!

28 October 2010

Vocaloid: Megurine Luka Cosplay by Jesuke

Vocaloid: Megurine Luka II
Cosplay by Jesuke, Photo by z3LL

27 October 2010

Sunako Nakahara Cosplay

Sunako Cosplay, originally uploaded by z3ll.
Sunako Nakahara by Yuu Shomura
Photo by z3LL

from the anime/manga
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge / The Wallflower
a.k.a Perfect Girl Evolution

Go nuts Donuts Cosplay Photo Competition

visit http://www.gonutsdonuts.com for more info ^^

26 October 2010

Sandplay Hatsune Miku Cosplay

Sandplay Miku by Ami

Sakura Haruno Cosplay

Archaelle Lai as Sakura from Naruto

School Rumble Tenma Cosplay

School Rumble: Tenma
visit her deviantArt: jaRoukaSama

Dead Master Cosplay

BRS: Dead Master
visit her deviantArt: jaRoukaSama

UP AME 2010 / Now Playing: AME Track 10!

AME Track 10November 6, 2010
Hall 2, SMX Convention Center

Visit http://fair.up-ame.org/ for more info ^^

23 October 2010

S.O.S. Brigade, Haruhi Cosplays

Yuu, Alex, Nikki, Jen, Reuelle, Denz

Ragnarok Online Cosplays

Yuu Shomura - as an Assasin Cross from Ragnarok Online

Final Fantasy Cosplays

Monet as Yuna, Bea as Paine, Dukesa as Rikku

Vocaloid Cosplays

Black Rock Shooter Cosplays

BRS and BGS cosplay by Gelaii and Thea
From L-R: Yuki, Roddz, Gelaii, Mark, Thea, Ikki

Level 10 Photobomb

wildquaker and ambokiko last Cosplay Mania 

Kagamine Rin Meltdown Cosplay

MJ as Kagamine Rin, originally uploaded by z3ll.

First Kagamine Rin Meltdown Cosplay I've seen, love the awesome guitar made by cless and nice cosplay by MJ too! She won best female cosplayer last Cosplay Mania! Congratz MJ! :3

AFA 2010: Regional Cosplay Championship

Source: http://www.animefestival.asia/rcc2010.html

Philippines / Team Bajina
Patrisha Delgado and Nephteri Ramirez!
Singapore / The Defense Devil
Kaika and Zeph
Malaysia / Chris and Zoey
Chris and Zoey
Indonesia / Komutoku
Richfield and Su Gwan
Thailand / Drachen
Naokiez and Aramill

15 October 2010

Cosplay Snapshot Project

YAY! 5 of my photos were included in the Cosplay Snapshot Project volume 1. I bought 2 copies and got 1 for free.. ^^
Congratz to Kira and Shoti! and to the other winners :) Me, Raisa and Giann Potente were also included at the top 20. I'm really happy to see my photos ^^

13 October 2010

Anime Festival Asia 2010 !! SEE YOU!!

Hello everyone! We'll be attending AFA 2010! Hope to meet new and old friends there ^,^ v

I was lucky to attend last year's AFA.. met some online friends and old buddies..

I bought lots of gashapons @____@ like 20-30 pieces.. my camera bag was overflowing LOL

12 October 2010

K-ON!! (premieres 20 October 2010, airs Wednesdays 9.30pm)

The hottest all-girl band in Japan and across Asia is back to rock for a second season of K-ON!!
Joining the pop music club in their first year to save it from being abolished due to a shortage of
members, Yui Hirasawa (guitar), Ritsu Tainaka (drums), Mio Akiyama (bass), and Tsumugi Kotobuki
(keyboard) are now in their third and final year in high school. With just one junior member Azusa
Nakano (guitar), and no new members in sight, what will happen to the club when they graduate?

Back to their favourite music room to practice and get even better at playing as a band, the
adorable, talented and amusing quintet are on the quest to recruit new members to the pop music
club while still enjoying their favourite tea and pastries at teatime, as well as each other’s company.

Animax Musix Spring 2010 (Thursdays 9pm)

Made up of four 60-minute episodes, Animax Musix Spring 2010 is a series of live-action music

concert shows featuring scintillating performances of popular anime theme songs by the hottest

Japanese artistes. Catch exciting live performances by May’n (Macross Frontier), SCANDAL (Bleach,

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood), ELISA (Ef - A Tale of Memories), Mizca (Katekyoshi Hitman

Reborn!), Faylan (CANAAN), Shuhei Kita (Persona -trinity soul-), AKINO from bless4 (Genesis of

Aquarion), Yoko Takahashi (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Sayaka Sasaki (The Book of Bantorra).

11 October 2010

The Cosplay Hexagon

^What makes a good cosplay, good?
But what makes a good cosplay, great?
How can a person achieve a note worthy, epic and truly memorable cosplay?

What is it with Jesuke, the Tux Team, Alodia Gosiengfiao and other famous cosplayers, that make people admire their cosplays?

Some would say, "Cause they're pretty".

For me, being pretty does not cut it. There are other cosplayers that are pretty / good looking, too, but you do not see them judging cosplay competitions now, do you?

Some would say, "Cause they have awesome costumes".

But not all cosplayers with extravagant costumes win. Sometimes those that cost less beat those that cost thousands of pesos and sometimes even dollars.

So what is it really?

Source and full blog post here: http://thejaroukafiles.blogspot.com/2010/10/cosplay-heptagon.html

09 October 2010