11 October 2010

The Cosplay Hexagon

^What makes a good cosplay, good?
But what makes a good cosplay, great?
How can a person achieve a note worthy, epic and truly memorable cosplay?

What is it with Jesuke, the Tux Team, Alodia Gosiengfiao and other famous cosplayers, that make people admire their cosplays?

Some would say, "Cause they're pretty".

For me, being pretty does not cut it. There are other cosplayers that are pretty / good looking, too, but you do not see them judging cosplay competitions now, do you?

Some would say, "Cause they have awesome costumes".

But not all cosplayers with extravagant costumes win. Sometimes those that cost less beat those that cost thousands of pesos and sometimes even dollars.

So what is it really?

Source and full blog post here: http://thejaroukafiles.blogspot.com/2010/10/cosplay-heptagon.html

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