27 June 2010

Batch Processing Tutorial

First, you need to create a photoshop action.

How to create Photoshop Actions?
Go to:
Window > Actions
The Action Box should appear on the right.
Now open a photo so we could record an action that we'll apply to a batch of photos later (this can help you save lots of time).
I usually do this after conventions. Because I'm too lazy to edit each one of them

I'll be using Nikki and Ken's photo... don't kill me Nikki!! /hides
Create a new Action Set.

After creating a New Action Set, create  a new action, after this step; your actions will start recording.
Now that your actions are being recorded, make sure your actions are applicable to all photos (if you want to apply it to a batch of photos). I usually Resize, Sharpen, and then Watermark.
Note: Don't forget to stop the recording.
Now you've finished recording an action, we can now start applying it to a folder of photos.
Go to:
File > Automate > Batch
Then choose the action, source and destination folder.
Click 'OK' to start batch Watermark/Resize/Sharpen.

Ahhh sorry making this tutorial short, just leave a comment if you have question/s ^^

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