18 November 2010

AFA X Day 1 photos

I'm back for AFA! This time with lots of friends.. not much pics for day 1 cause we were kinda late and we had dinner with hexlord at 6pm.. will post day 2 photos next!

Romeo, Zhel, Ami, Yuu and Andre. Yay AFAAAA banner!
Vocaloid Magnet Luka (Yuu) and Gakupo (Zhel) *fanboy mode*

Rojan, Mhon, z3LL(me), Ralph and Rej. Photo by Janel

 Awesome bleach group! Love the lighting at suntec! 
stayed most of the time outside because of that haha

We met ate jac near the first hall, had a mini shoot with her bayonetta cosplay

Kanasaii, Sese and Peggy! It was nice meeting DA friendssssss, shiroang in the BG btw XD

We also saw Leleng who now works in SG, haha here she is with tekken cosplayers

Macross Frontier cosplayers, yes that's ami and nikki :3

While shooting in the upper floor with ami, we met some ozm Petshop of Horrors cosplayers

Winterrrrrr! love the headgear!

Amiiiiii haha it's been an annual shoot for us in AFA :))

elizabeth cosplay! from gintama


Saw jesuke with alvin.. sweet couple :3

Also bumped in to some filipino friends ^^

Someone recognized me >< she's the Super Mario (girl version) last UP Ame 2009 :)

We had dinner with hexlord, yang, ate jac, yuber, john,kukopals, yang and more! 
like 3 long tables lol *still waiting for the group pic from the other photogs*

We had a great time at AFA day 1 which is also our first day in singapore since we arrived around 1am, day 2 was more fun, I'll post day 2 photos tomorrow! I'm currently blogging in my office LOL.

More DAY 1 photos!!

Note: Kindly pm or email me if you want a raw copy of your photos ^^ 













































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