28 May 2011

Tagcom 2011 photos

Here are some of my shots during the 5th Annual TAGCOM 2011:

Tagcom 2011 complete set from my flickr

Where's Wally/Waldo??? XDD
Jameer as Wally/Waldo

Lyron as Luffy from One Piece
(he really looks like Luffy!)

Sese as Telos from Xenosaga
Yuu as Akazukin Chacha
Katz as Nene Romanova from Bubblegum Crisis
( I can imagine Katz smiling here XD )
Maddie as Miku (World is mine version) from Vocaloid
Cousin maddie looks awesome! Make-up by lesley
Mylene as Saber!
Cless as Leon S. Kennedy from Resident Evil

We saw Hexlord Erving!
annoying group photo XD

































That's all for now XD

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