28 May 2011

Toycon 2011

Photo from http://www.toyconph.com

TOYCON 2011 is near!! For more updates check their website at http://www.toyconph.com

MUST save up more money for toyssss XD (and print another set of business cards which I always forget to bring during cons orz). I hope to meet Kaika this june yay!

Here are some photos i took last TOYCON 2010

This was our first event with my twin Zhel  who cosplayed Gakupo (Sandplay)
Zhel as Gakupo (Sandplay)

Here are some Toycon 2009 photos XD

Arrrghh I want one!! 

This is one of the best costumes I've seen in this event ^^
A cute hardgay toy! XD

Okay.. I just noticed I haven't missed a Toycon event since 2008 lol
Here are some photos from Toycon 2008

This one's memorable cause our friend Paul won an XBOX console haha! and some of my photos got featured in Playground Magazine.

Magazine scan. Playgound Magazine 2008
from L-R: Rej, Rajan, z3LL, Paul, Lo, Wan
That's all for now. I'm done reminiscing all those Toycon days hahaha!

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  1. tnx for reminding z3ll, will repost this so0n! :3

  2. no prob katz! weee kitakits sa toycon!